Air Jordan 2011

The Air Jordan 2011s are technically two shoes in one with the interchangeable midsoles catering to players on the perimeter and in the paint. For the first time the Jordan design team explored the idea of modularity in a performance basketball sneaker—meaning they wanted the shoe to adapt to different styles of play through flexible arrangement and use. This time Tom Luedecke was the de facto designer, best known for his work with Kobe's run at Nike and the Hyperdunk. On the outside the 2011 was one of the most aesthetic pleasing Jordans since he retired but the real advancement was the midsoles appeal to all positions. 

D. Wade was the face of the 2011, which was worn by other Jordan Brand athletes like Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, and even MJ himself. Performance testing by the man himself was a must while the Bobcats owner helped develop some of his newbiesin the system—Charlotte might have had a sub-par season but the 2011s proved to be another great moment in the Jordan line's history. 

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