Air Jordan XIII

Jordan XIII

When the Air Jordan XIII was released in '97, a shoe was released under the Jordan Brand name for the first time. This was a long time coming—and something that Jordan's agent, David Falk, had wanted since the beginning, and Strasser and Moore wanted in 1987. A decade later, it was finally time. Enter CEO Jordan. The shoes rolled out along with the Air Jordan Trainers and Air Jordan Teams, making the line more than just signature shoes for the first time.

Tinker used Jordan’s on-court persona “Black Cat,” due to his speed and fast reflexes, as inspiration. The design of the shoe reflected the name perfectly with a fast look and cat eye hologram on the ankle. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we doubt Hatfield appreciated all of the fakes that hit the streets in some horrendous colorways.

Another Jordan, another pop culture moment—this time Denzel Washington helped make the original colorway of the XIIIs timeless thanks to his thirst for a pair fresh out of Attica as Jake Shuttlesworth in He Got Game. Even the ankle bracelet house arrest monitoring system and the $150 with tax wasn't about to stop Jake from grabbing a pair of fresh Js—he is not alone.